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More than 400 Schools are registered with us

More than 1 Lakh students take part in this exam

Our question papers are as per international standard.

To publish on our websites, do email us one photographs of winners, awarded in your school function our award ceremony.

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“1. Its is an excellent competitive exams, which encourage motivations on e young telent to get success in other compition. ”
Arvind Kumar, St Mary’s Academy

“3. This kind of Exams enhance logical thinking and leasoning in students”
Rajeev Garg , Sofia School

“We thank Erudite for Conducting Exams in Such a way which Creat in Interest among students in their subject ”
Maljha Dav, Nassigh Rao

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"Don’t Lower your Goals
To the Level of your Abilities
Instead, Raise Your Abilities
To The height of Your Goals"
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